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Towers of Tomorrow - Science World

Post by tedward »

The Towers of Tomorrow Are Made of Lego
Pondering toy erections and the most micro micro-suites of all at Vancouver’s new exhibitThe Towers of Tomorrow Are Made of Lego ... rrow-Lego/

Great publicity, shame it never mentions the builder. Robin, were you involved?

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Loyalguardian (Mike)
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Post by Loyalguardian (Mike) »

From the Science World website:

They are built by Australia’s Ryan McNaught, the only certified LEGO® professional in the Southern Hemisphere.

Glad they are not all upside down :roll: ... go-bricks/

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Post by wyndryder »

Yup, I built some Vancouver stuff to augment it. Not much, but a local community build table that I built (and glued) a BC Place, Science World, Craft Brewhouse, new "Tesoro" building (from the exhibit sponsor "Concert Properties"), and a bunch of other goodies.

Plus, we'll be doing another giant mosaic build over the course of the next few weeks (13 x 6 large baseplates!)