Covid !

We’re still in the at home lego stage…but since we’ve all been home so long, there should be some AWESOME things out there. I know I’ve built some new stuff 🙂

We will update when we next have in person meetings- for now, the club is having online meetings, drop us a line if you are an AFOL and want in 🙂

Sidney Family Day 2020

I know, you probably don’t JUST get your lego news from here ! However, we will be at Sidney in the Scouts Hall 16 & 17 Feb, with our club member & 1/2 of the Canadian CLP program, Robin Sather of Brickville Design Works 🙂 In other news, there is a lego TV show running on Fox !

September Meeting

September Public Meeting: Barts (by the Ping Pong Table) @ 7 pm, Monday the 16th of September.
Next event with VICLUG presence is BrickCon in Seattle ( for info)
Next Victoria event: October 19th and 20th at Victoria’s Ultimate Toy Show @ Pearkes.

August Meeting

Next Public Meeting: August 19th at Bart’s downtown. Feel free to drop in, bring a MOC or two, and have a pint &/ or dinner. 7-9pm. There will be a club only function before that (check the forum if you are a member).

Double Wammy Weekend !

May 4/5, Viclug will be in two locations at once. First up, and local to the Island, is the Victoria Train Show at Juan de Fuca Rec Centre. The rest of us are running away to River Rock in Vancouver for BrickCan. Both have admission, and more info can be found by searching for them. We look forward to seeing you,