Train Show- Sept 7/2014

VICLUG will be attending the Victoria Model Railway show:  Sunday, September 7th at Juan de Fuca Rec Centre. We will be displaying a Lego railway, with multiple levels of tracks and several large bridges. Trains will be controlled by DCC, along with a range of lit buildings.

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Cherry Bomb – April 27th

VicLUG will be at the upcoming Cherry Bomb Ultimate Hobby & Toy Fair on April 27th. Along with our regular Lego shop and kid build zone we are planning our first ever Great Ball Contraption.
The Toy Fair is at Pearkes Arena behind Tillicum Mall.

Kids are free!
Adults are $5 from 9am – 3pm
Early Birds are $15 from 8am – 9am

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Tillicum Lego Mania 2014

VicLUG was at Tillicum Lego Mania for the 5th year running, partnering with Robin Sather of Brickville this time to make the Gates of Harmonious Interest from China Town. The theme of this year’s event was ‘Old Victoria’ and the kids’ contest entries were just incredible.

The gates were designed by Robin and many VicLUG members helped with the building of the mosaics and rest of the structure. It was so complicated that the ‘resolution’ had to be lowered and it still ran a day over, easily the most complicated and ambitious creation seen at Lego Mania. A steel structure kept it sturdy and this time around there was a significant proportion more of Lego to Duplo ratio.

Robin and John at the end of Day 1

Rob and Spencer working on the mosaics

Steven, Jenn, John, Robin, Mary and Joseph at the end of day 4

These are just a few of the pictures, see more of the building process here:

The kids contest had a wonderful turnout and really well crafted creations!

Robin and Anna running the trivia contest and getting ready to judge the entries with the Q radio station

Some of the  awesome creations!

Robin with all the winning and honourable mention kids and their prizes!

See all the creations and winners here:

VicLUG had a moc display as well as the popular Where’s Waldo minifig search.

Eric and Michelle helping everyone find the figs

Mary’s mosaic and many Lug member’s mixed mocs

Part of downtown Bricktoria

Check out the rest of the mocs here:

There was also a public build zone but as usual no pictures were taken. Imagine a massive zone filled with kids feeding from brick troughs.

Here are the previous year’s big Duplo builds

Lighthouse 2010

Double Decker 2011

Armoury 2012

BC Ferry 2013

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Family Day 2014

This year is only the second Family Day holiday here in BC and it is also the second annual Sidney Family Day event. Check out all the fun LEGO-themed action at the Sidney Family Day website.

LEGO-Certified Professional Robin Sather will be joined by other VicLUG members to create two different big builds including a giant mosaic build on Monday that YOU can help put together!

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Westshore Hobby Show

Come see us at the Westshore Town Centre Hobby Show, January 31 – February 2, 2014!

We will have a display of MOCs and models as well as the infamous “Kid Build” bins so young and old can dive in and play with some LEGO.

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Tillicum LEGO Mania Challenge

Name of Event: Tillicum LEGO Mania Challenge

Date: March 15th – 17th, 2013

Place: Tillicum Centre

3170 Tillicum Road, Victoria, B.C., V9A 7C5

Contact: Anna Haney


Description: Come and join us for our 4th annual Tillicum LEGO Mania Challenge March 16th & 17th at Tillicum Centre. Over 100 contestants, ages 5 – 14 years will be showcasing their LEGO masterpieces for a chance to Win LEGO prizes. The theme this year is –WATER. Meet Lego Certified Professional, Robin Sather, and watch him build a GIANT LEGO sculpture. Children under 14 years who are not contestants will have a chance to try out our mini build area. The Victoria Lego Users Group (VicLUG) will also be on hand with some of their LEGO creations. Prizes will be awarded for the top three entries for ages 5-8 years and 9-14 years on Sunday, March 17th at 2:00 pm. More prizes will be given out during our LEGO Trivia on Sunday, March 17th at 2:00 pm. Come join us at the lower level of Tillicum Centre during regular mall hours and see an exciting LEGO exhibit!

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2013 Lego pt. 5 Chima

Chima roundup time!

Images open in new window all biggified like.



Hero Factory scale parts look neat, here’s 70201 Chi Eris

You can get a zoo of those new crystals in this Chima boardgame:

Have you seen the new Chima tv shows? Here’s one site that has them:

I found it fairly watchable! This whole new venture is looking nicer every day.

This is happening at our local Toys’R’Us on Feb. 23rd, probably something similar happening in your area too.

Chima Speedor Boulder Bowling Tournament

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2013 Lego pt. 4 Various

There’s a bunch of Technic freaks in my lug who are losing it over all the new sets. They really do look amazing, the sets the past couple of years have looked like they are right out of a fan convention.

Images open in new window to biggified versions.

42008 Service Truck

The Lego Architecture line is coming out with the Leaning Tower of Pisa

I wonder if they will give any kickback to this Cuusoo idea?

I’m curiously not going out of my gourd about Galaxy Squad, I really should be. This set looks good, it has some bizarre looking eggs

70709 Galactic Titan

I am however fascinated with this Lone Ranger set, 79109 Stagecoach Escape. Most of the Lone Ranger sets look wonderful but this one is now in the budget

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2013 Lego pt. 3 LOTR & Castle

We’ve been catching glimpses of this set as it gets pulled on and off the net. It looks great and a smart buy all around.

Images open in new window to biggified versions.

79005 Battle at the Black Gate

The eagle’s wings are articulated.

Looks like they are using the same hair/beard piece for Saruman and Gandalf the White, smart recycling there.

Wizard Battle 79005, this looks like an inexpensive and classy little set.

79006 The Council of Elrond, there’s lots to like in this set, primarily the wonderful elf hair pieces!

Here’s a massive piece of set I won’t be picking up: 79008 Pirate Ship Ambush

There’s a whole bunch of nice new Castle sets coming out. Nothing mind blowing but great sets if you are building up a Castle collection. This new dragon is fun, 70403 Dragon Mountain:


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2013 Lego pt. 2 Friends

There’s a big swack of new Friends sets coming out and can see myself picking up many of them, I’m pretty interested in this new yacht, it looks to be an interesting build, lots of great parts and figs with the super Friends palette.

41015 Dolphin Cruiser

Here’s a look at the series 3 polybag pets:

Also found another Friends site that looks pretty good:

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