VicWars is an offshoot of BrikWars, developed by club members of VicLUG over the course of many times at Gottacon

Board is a 6x6 32 stud baseplate. One side is the GM screen that is a mountain range of BURPS. There is spots for 6 people around the table. Players select 2 troops, 1 ranged and 1 melee. Optional: players select 1 of 6 random bricks that correspond to a quest, which is redeemable for a permanent active buff. 
Game runs for 2 hours.

Troops start at the edge of the table. 
Measure movement from the centre fig in platoon. 
Random events can be determined by 2d6 roll, determing x & y coordinates on the 6x6 baseplate 
Direction can be determined by assigning numbers to each board side and using 1d4 
CC : Close Combat 
WISG : What I say goes, players roll off and highest roll determines what happens, to the discretion and modification of GM. Use liberally whenever trying to figure out course of events or critical fails, etc. 

Game sequence: 
Move/Declare Attack 
Make Use of how many figs are in troop, if any 1 a critical fail. Criticals are resolved before damage rolls, usually by WISG. Any figs that made use can then attack. 
Damage roll, successful if over armour 
Defender can Counterattack ( Make Use then Damage Roll ) 


6 Minifigs 
Use: 3 
Range: CC 
Damage: 1d6 
Move: 5" 
Armour: 5 

6 Minifigs 
Use: 3 
Range: 6" 
Damage: 1d6 
Move: 4" 
Armour: 4 

Ranged notes: +1 to use if stationary while attacking and +1 to Use on CC 

1 Minifig on a mount 
Use: 4 
Range: CC 
Damage: 1d6+2 
Move: 8" 
Armour: 5 

Everything below is optional game add-ons 

Active Buffs 

Any time a 6 is rolled players can use that roll number or as the corresponding buff. Players can use as many buffs as they want and freely remove them at any time. The more buffs you have active, the less dice you have to roll with. 

Buffs can only work under applicable conditions. For example if you only have melee troops left you can't use a ranged buff. 

Buffs can stack up to 2x if you have the right die roll and quest reward. 

Stack List 

The first number is the normal buff and second is the stacked amount. These were all tweaked during gameplay as to player preferences and feedback. 

Melee: +1/+3 
Use: -1/Auto 
Armour: +1/+2 and whole troop is safe on successful defense 
Speed: Calvary Speed /x2 Attacks 
-1 to Use/-2 to Use 
+1 to distance/+5 to distance 
+1 to damage/+3 to damage 
win on tie & debuffer / autowin but lose the buff 


Red ( Melee ) : Make a kill 
Orange ( Use ) : Capture the Flag ( randomly placed on 2d6 role ) 
Yellow ( Armour ) : Lose a Fig 
Green ( Speed ) : Touch another side of the board 
Blue ( Ranged ) : Touch water 
Purple ( WISG ) : Go 1d6 Turns