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Lego Portals

Lego Games

Lego has a long history of games and VicLUG has a long history of playing them. On these pages you'll be introduced to each one with links to resources on the net.

TT Games is all games made by Traveller's Tales, including StarWars, Indiana Jones, Batman and the upcoming Harry Potter
Video Games is all the other video games made by Lego going back to the 90's
Web Games is the various games found around the internet
Lego Universe is the upcoming MMOG coming out in 2010
VicWars is VicLUG's interpretation on BrikWars
Board Games is all of the various games, official and fan created

For remote links many go to Gamespot and default to the PC page, check the left sidebar for links to other availble console pages.

On the following pages you'll see many abbreviations for consoles:
GBC : Gameboy Classic | GBA : Gameboy Advanced | GC : Game Cube | N64 : Nintendo 64 | PC : Personal Computer | PS : Playstation | PS2 : Playstation 2 | X360 : Xbox360 | Mac : Apple Macintosh | Wii : Wii

Here is some Lego game related terms, please check our Glossary page for even more Lego lexicon

LBM : Lego Batman

LHP : Lego Harry Potter

LIJOA : Lego Indiana Jones Original Adventures

LIJ2 : Lego Indiana Jones 2

LRB : Lego Rock Band

LSW1 : Lego StarWars 1

LSW2 : Lego StarWars 2 ( didn't see that one coming did you )

LSWCS : Lego StarWars Complete Saga

LU : Lego Universe

LUP : Lego Universe Partner

MMOG : Massive Multiplayer Online Game

TT : Traveller's Tales