Local LEGO Fan needs your vote!

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Local LEGO Fan needs your vote!

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Hi guys,

Andrei is a local kid LEGO builder, and a good one. Some of you will have met him. He's had winning builds in the Tillicum contest, and has come to the Sidney events over the past few years. He's a keener.

He also learned he's Type-1 diabetic a couple of years ago. He and his parents have completely modified their lifestyle to accommodate his condition, of course. Andrei is a very smart and motivated kid, and has been engaging in tons of publicity and fund-raising efforts for various diabetes charities.

He is now a finalist in an online video contest created by the author and creator of the "Harry Moon" books and website. It's called the "Good Mischief" contest, and while Andrei is currently running away with the contest, he still needs your votes if you have a moment!

Contest info, finalist videos, and voting - Click Here

(Via Facebook directly) - Click Here


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